Chemtec Latin America

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1535 N Park Dr Suite 104, Fl 33326

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+1 954-817-2179

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We are innovation
in the treatment
of surfaces

Metal Treatment

We offer products for the treatment of surfaces before being painted with technologies as: Plaforization Nanotechnologies,
PRONORTEC and also a Nano Orgasil

Water Treatment

Variety of products for the treatment of industrial water, where we focus to meet the requirements of each client in the water purification process.

Paint Remover

Its objective is to minimize energy consumption and environmental impact, to guarantee the quality of the final product and the highest efficiency of the process.


LAB testing to assure the quality of our products .
Chemtec LAB constantly work in research and develop of new products

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Chemtec Latin America has innovative technologies that minimize environmental impact and maximize the efficiency of industrial processes.