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The increase in consumption has been from 20 to 35%, affecting the equitable distribution of water resources, and increasing the vulnerability of sectors that today do not have water to comply with the minimum action of washing their hands.

In Mexico City, the Water System indicates that the lack of continuity of service to the inhabitants means that 26% of the population does not receive a sufficient amount of water, between 15% and 20% do not have daily service and 1.8 million people get their supplies through testing.

In other States of the Republic, such as Jalisco, Guanajuato, Nuevo León, this has caused, in recent days, in the water treatment plants, the regulatory tanks and the distribution infrastructure to be pushed to the limit, generating greater demand at some times and low pressure in the drinking water supply pipes, in some municipalities they have even had to rely on pipes.

The situation will be more careful when industries in Mexico get ready to achieve complete reactivation after the most critical stage of the Coronavirus in the country has passed.

Although we will leave behind the most critical situation of the pandemic, sanitation and long distance measures will prevail in the population to prevent the spread of sources of contagion, therefore, water consumption will continue to increase without ruling out from one moment to the next. another the increase in drinking water service rates in some municipalities.

At CHEMTEC we handle technologies for the preparation processes of metal surfaces and water treatment in paint application systems, which go hand in hand with the reduction of water consumption, as is the case of PLAFORIZATION, a technology classified as green technology, since which completely eliminates water consumption when preparing metal surfaces before painting.

In this new stage we want to help you optimize said resource in the aforementioned processes.
We are ready to provide you with a solution that is tailored to your needs.

Chemtec Latin America.

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