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Our mission

CHEMTEC LATIN AMERICA, in the Latin American market, fully follows the mission of the parent company CHEMTEC Srl, summarized in an effective slogan: UPDATE TRADITION – INNOVATING TRADITION.

Each CHEMTEC technology is revolutionary, cutting-edge and of limited environmental impact, thus bringing new solutions to a sector traditionally lacking in innovation.

Another equally important objective of CHEMTEC LATIN AMERICA is the creation of values ​​for customers, suppliers, staff and partners, through the production and sale of chemical products for the preparation of surfaces before painting, as well as specific services for the industrial painting sector.

This means offering products and services that improve the quality of the final product treated with our product, increasing the efficiency of the process and minimizing the environmental impact of the surface treatment process.

Competence, flexibility, continuous training, customer service and quick decision-making are our instruments to achieve these objectives.

Our values

As stated in our mission, the CHEMTEC LATIN AMERICA team expresses its great desire for innovation in the surface treatment sector, an industry traditionally poor in innovations.

The CHEMTEC LATIN AMERICA team, in synergy with CHEMTEC Srl, constantly studies formulations of new products with better toxicological profiles, which further improve the quality of the paint, increasing process efficiency, while minimizing environmental impact.

The team is made up of dynamic, motivated and highly qualified people, who collaborate every day to achieve its objectives through the following guiding values:

  • Customer satisfaction: CHEMTEC’s goal is to support the sale of its products, with a full range of solutions and services in the field of industrial finishing, known as difficult and critical. CHEMTEC LATIN AMERICA’s commitment goes far beyond the simple phase of product sales: CHEMTEC analyzes the specific requirements of its customers, identifies potential problems and is committed to developing customized solutions to maximize consumer satisfaction.
  • Intellectual honesty for partners: currently non-obvious values ​​in the commercial sphere, represent the “columns” of the CHEMTEC philosophy.
  • Long experience: the management of the company that coincides with the property has ten years of experience in the industrial surface treatment sector, both in the field of installations (pre-treatment tunnels, paint booths, spray guns , cooking and drying ovens) as well as in the field of cleaning, degreasing, masking, industrial wastewater treatment and liquid and powder painting.