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Chemtec’s Plaforization™ technology will be featured on the cover of Powder Coating Magazine April issue


The photo description summarizes some of the many benefits of Plaforization™ One-Step Organic pretreatment:

The part is flow-coated for one minute at ambient temperature, after which it is dripped off and dried and is ready to paint. Plaforization™ provides
flash rust protection before painting and high adhesion and corrosion resistance with powder and liquid topcoats. The efficient, cost-effective process is environmentally friendly. It uses no heat or water, is not rinsed, and creates no sludge or other liquid or solid waste to treat or dispose of.

More details are available in technical articles and case studies published by Powder Coating Magazine, Products Finishing Magazine, Powder Coated
Tough and other trade magazines, available for download on this site.