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Our Products

Pre-Treatment, Paint Stripping & Wastewater Treatment

CHEMTEC NORTH AMERICA has developed a large range of products for the surface treatment industry, and it is continuously evolving.

Using cutting-edge instruments, CHEMTEC NORTH AMERICA is engaged every day in studying and formulating new and innovative products, focusing on the specific needs of customers and on the protection of the surrounding environment.

Products for Every Surface Treatment Application

The CHEMTEC product range includes various chemistries for every application and industrial process requirement: from manual cleaning to high-pressure cleaners, from parts washers to in-line conveyorized systems.

Each CHEMTEC product is formulated to ensure lower energy consumption, lower environmental impacts and the highest production efficiency.

Within the CHEMTEC range, the Plaforization™ pretreatment technology stands out as a unique, innovative process with very limited environmental impact.