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Paint Strippers

Industrial Paint Stripping Products

The CHEMTEC paint stripper product range is designed for companies performing paint stripping operations and for companies contracting this work out. The CHEMTEC paint strippers were developed for industrial paint stripping of iron, aluminum, alloys, galvanized sheet and plastic materials.


  • Manual
  • Dip tanks


  • Based on special organic fluids, non-dangerous, with very low vapor pressure
  • Free of methylene chloride, NMP and other toxic substances (the one exception is SVERTEC L-001, which is based on methylene chloride)
  • Effective solutions at room temperature or low temperature


  • Non-toxic and not harmful products
  • Excellent paint stripping on all metals
  • Compatible with all industrial paints


  • Rapid and effective paint stripping, at competitive costs, on all metals, without the use of toxic substances
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Reduction of chemical product consumption
  • Minimization of environmental impacts
  • Improvement of workplace safety (compared to traditional paint strippers)


  • A preliminary test must be always be made to determine treatment time and temperature

About Chemtec

Chemical Solutions for Metal Finishing

We’re not the new atom on the block, we’ve been around and have the experience to prove it. Chemtec should be your first choice when looking for metal finishing related chemicals. Wether your looking for plaforization, pre-treatment, paint strippers, or waste water treatment - Chemtec has you covered.

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Chemtec North America, regretfully, will not be exhibiting at the November FABTECH 2020 Expo in Las Vegas.