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Wastewater Treatment

Products for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Range of products specially formulated for the industrial treatment of wastewater generated by washing and pre-treatment. The product line is also suitable for the treatment of water in paint booths with water curtains, which are heavily contaminated by paints (water or solvent-based) and by vinyl or ureic glues.

The CHEMTEC laboratory can develop specific processes for individual customers to ensure the best water purification.

The CHEMTEC range for wastewater treatment includes following product segments:

  • Antifoam
    Silicone-free industrial formulations used to inhibit and dissolve all types of foam in paint booth water curtains
  • Biocides
    Formulations with a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, yeasts and molds, used to treat water from paint booth water curtains and rinse water.
  • Coagulants-flocculants
    Formulations that promote sedimentation and precipitation, encouraging the separation of impurities from the water. These products also prevent the formation of difficult to remove encrustations and sludge, keeping the water clean and clear for longer, extending significantly the life of the treatment bath. These products can be used in all water clarification processes.


  • Excellent water purification
  • Solutions developed and designed specifically for each client
  • Able to work also in existing water treatment equipment that is experiencing problems


  • Improvement of water purification
  • Reduction of process costs
  • Minimization of environmental impacts

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Chemtec North America, regretfully, will not be exhibiting at the November FABTECH 2020 Expo in Las Vegas.