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In-Line Flowcoat Process

How Plaforization™ and Toran™ Work

In-Line Flowcoat Process in Operation

Zones: Entry, 1-min. Flowcoat, Drip-Off, Blow-Off/Exit

Profiles & Curtains

Profiles at ends of tunnel & at intervals throughout, for air control.
Polyethylene Curtains recommended, attached to profiles.

Risers & Nozzle Pressure

Risers & Nozzle Pressure

  • Stainless or polypropylene risers
  • Large droplet size
  • Large orifice nozzles
  • Low pressure - 3 - 5 PSI
  • Fluid washes over rather than relying on impingement to clean

Drain-Back, Exhaust & Tank Freeboard

Other Equipment Notes:

  • Stainless Steel Tank, Pump, Filter, Risers, Nozzles (polypro acceptable. For Toran systems, galvanized also acceptable.)
  • Variable Exhaust Fan and Adjustable Exhaust Panels at ends of tunnel
  • High Freeboard in tank


In-Line Flowcoat Process VIDEO: The Flowcoat Process


Conveyorized Spray Tunnel

Conveyorized Industrial Wash Tunnels (spray tunnels), are suitable for the treatment of medium and large items. are particularly appropriate for the treatment of medium and large items. The cleaning is performed by low-pressure flooding of the parts using well-positioned nozzles.

Care must be taken in hanging parts so that they drain properly and completely, avoiding accumulations of liquid that will not dry completely. This is important to avoid loss of chemical and to prevent aesthetic defects and potential problems in the painting operations due to an over-thickness of the polymer.


  • Entry
  • Spray zone
  • Drip-off zone
  • Blow off area
  • Exit


  • Made of stainless steel, polypropylene or high density polyethylene
  • The tank is small, needing only a limited amount of chemicals
  • The tunnel is equipped with a filtering system and a pump to feed the spray nozzles
  • The dimension of the tunnel depends on the size of the parts to be treated and on the conveyor speed.


  • Low capital investment required compared to a multi-stage pre-treatment washer
  • The volume of the liquid in the tank does not depend on the size of the items
  • Better cleaning action because of mechanical effect of chemical spraying.



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