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Pre-Treatment Chemicals

For the Surface Pre-Treatment Industry.

The range includes degreasing, phosphating, passivating, pickling and cleaning solutions for various applications, for steel, aluminum, light alloys, galvanized sheet and plastic materials.
These formulations are innovative and designed to minimize environmental impacts, ensuring process efficiency and a quality finished product.


  • Manual cleaning
  • Machines for inter-operational cleaning
  • High-pressure applications (steam cleaning)
  • Multistage tunnel;
  • Dip wash tanks, including those equipped with ultrasound


  • Excellent performance for various metals and for applications
  • Process cost reductions
  • Improvement in workplace safety
  • Cost reductions for the waste disposal
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Flexibility and ease of use
  • Minimization of environmental impacts

The Chemtec Advantage

Our processes have a set of unique advantages over all other available metal pre-treatment processes:

Capital / Operating Costs

About Chemtec

Chemical Solutions for Metal Finishing

We’re not the new atom on the block, we’ve been around and have the experience to prove it. Chemtec should be your first choice when looking for metal finishing related chemicals. Wether your looking for plaforization, pre-treatment, paint strippers, or waste water treatment - Chemtec has you covered.

News & Updates


Chemtec North America, regretfully, will not be exhibiting at the November FABTECH 2020 Expo in Las Vegas.