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Phosphating Solutions for Metal Surfaces

Product range for phosphating (amorphous) or phospho-degreasing of metal surfaces.

CHEMTEC phosphating solutions are concentrated products for the treatment of iron, aluminum, light alloys and galvanized sheet. By adding cleaning products to the phosphating solution, it provides increased cleaning and degreasing power as well as phosphating.


  • High-pressure equipment
  • Equipment for inter-operational cleaning
  • Multistage tunnel


  • Excellent phosphating quality
  • Very low sludge creation
  • Effective at low temperature: 104-113°F (40-45°C)
  • Very easy equipment management
  • Long average life of the treatment bath (normally from 6 months to one year)
  • Excellent degreasing and cleaning
  • Can simultaneously treat iron, aluminum or light alloys and galvanized sheet
  • Compatible with all liquid and powder paints
  • Can passivate as well as phosphating with the addition of the passivating product PASS NC 2, which increases corrosion resistance

Process Benefits

  • Quick degreasing, cleaning and phosphating with excellent results
  • Reduction of cost for waste disposal
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Flexibility and ease of use
  • Minimizes environmental impacts


  • The corrosion resistance is lower than that provided by microcrystalline phosphating

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Chemtec North America, regretfully, will not be exhibiting at the November FABTECH 2020 Expo in Las Vegas.