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Products Suitable for Pickling All Metals

Range of products developed for pickling and removal of fats, oxides and surface encrustation from all metals. Our pickling products are suitable for any company needing to paint oxidized items (medium and large carpentry, painters of aluminum profiles, companies performing laser cutting operations, etc.).


  • Manual;
  • Dip in special tanks
  • Multistage tunnels for the surface treatment before painting operations


  • Correct pickling provides proper conditions for a high quality coating on non ferrous metals,
    rusted steel and other difficult surfaces
  • Process cost reductions
  • Minimizes environmental impacts

About Chemtec

Chemical Solutions for Metal Finishing

We’re not the new atom on the block, we’ve been around and have the experience to prove it. Chemtec should be your first choice when looking for metal finishing related chemicals. Wether your looking for plaforization, pre-treatment, paint strippers, or waste water treatment - Chemtec has you covered.

News & Updates


Chemtec North America, regretfully, will not be exhibiting at the November FABTECH 2020 Expo in Las Vegas.