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Pre-Treatment Chemicals for Metal & Non-Metal Surfaces

What is Sache?

The Sache line includes a wide range of aqueous-based formulations developed with the objective of providing a safe, simple no-rinse method of cleaning a wide variety of metal and non-metal surfaces. They are universal semi-aqueous, no-rinse cleaners, specifically designed to replace solvents and conventional detergents in various cleaning operations, and they do not contain hazardous compounds.

  • Sache formulations, although surfactant-free, have excellent degreasing properties and involve no rinsing.
  • Designed for both metal and non-metal surfaces.

Why use Sache?

Sache formulations are very simple to use and, because of their safe profile, can be used in various industrial, civil, and domestic applications such as cleaning of: machinery, industrial equipment and tools, railway cars, track and equipment, aircraft equipment, trucks, containers, packaging and shipping materials, cars, motorcycles, metal building systems, pipe and tubing, storage tanks, agricultural machines, major home appliances, general purpose furniture, marble and ceramic surfaces, plastic surfaces, glass, rubber, etc.

The Sache Line includes products for wipe-down cleaning and products that can be used in conventional industrial cleaning plants to replace solvents and conventional detergents.

How is Sache Used?

Sache can be applied by either spray or dip. For dip applications, adequate liquid agitation must be provided with ultrasonics or similar devices. Sache works best at 140-176°F (60-80°C) and contact time is approximately 3 minutes in the main spray chamber. Processing time and temperature may vary depending upon the amount of soil to be removed.

Sache Process


Sache equipment operates in counterflow cascade. The number of spray chambers required varies depending upon operational conditions and the amount of soil to be removed. Oil skimmers or lamella separators should be installed to remove mineral oils (free oils), while micro-filtration is needed to remove emulsified oils. A condenser recovers the chemicals for re-use in the process.

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