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CHEMTEC phosphating products are developed for the industrial amorphous phosphating or phospho-degreasing for metal surfaces.

The products are concentrated formulations intended to be used with cleaning additives to obtain an excellent degreasing and phosphating result at once. The corrosion resistance granted by our phosphating is lower than that of a microcrystalline phosphating processes, however it is possible to passivate the phosphate in order to increase the corrosion resistance.

These products are for all companies performing amorphous phosphating or phospho-degreasing processes, as well as those that perform coating operations requiring high-quality finishes.

The product range employs innovative formulations, which are exempt from toxicity symbols, in compliance with the existing safety norms. It aims to minimize energy consumption and environmental impact, to guarantee the quality of the end product, and the highest process efficiency.

• Iron
• Steel
• Aluminum
• Light alloys
• Galvanized sheet

• Manual
• Washing system
• High pressure spray (lance or jet cleaner, e.g. Pulivapor, Kärcher)
• Dip in washing tanks with or without ultrasounds
• Tunnel

• Flexible and easy to use
• Fast, highly effective phosphating
• Very low sludge creation
• Long average life of the phosphating bath

• Energy consumption reduction
• Process cost reduction
• Waste disposal cost reduction
• Minimization of environmental impacts
• Improvement of the workplace safety