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CHEMTEC offers a full range of chemical products and plants for the treatment of industrial wastewater..

By focusing on the specific needs of the customer, CHEMTEC provides custom purification solutions for every specific process:

  • Clearwater purification to have water available with particular purity specifications
  • Treatment of wastewater generated by washing and pre-treatment, contaminated by various polluting agents
  • Treatment of wastewater generated by paint booths with water curtains, contaminated by paints (water or solvent-based), resins and glues

CHEMTEC invests heavily in the development of quality technologies for the purification of process water and tailors projects to the needs of each specific customer. Thanks to the experience of its staff and to its analytical laboratory, CHEMTEC guarantees technical supervision and guidance, from designing the best purification system for the customer’s needs to installing and calibrating it.

CHEMTEC’s solutions can be added to pre-existing, problematic wastewater treatment systems. Proactive maintenance can be implemented into existing processes.

The product range employs innovative formulations, which are exempt from toxicity symbols, in compliance with the existing safety norms. It aims to minimize energy consumption and environmental impact, to guarantee the quality of the end product, and the highest process efficiency.